We are offering a wide range of facilities in the areas of Computer Sciences and IT. These facilities are available for students, staff and in many instances also for interested third parties. The faculty has 40 classrooms, 7 labs, 10 seminar rooms, one conference halls and one library.

1.9.1. Postgraduate and Undergraduate Lab

In these laboratories, all facilities have been provided for students. Also, the latest version of software are available to assist students in their study and research such as Matlab, Minitab, Statistica, NeuralWare, Netbeans, Rational Rose and ProModel.

  • Postgraduate lab 1 ( Computer Engineering building - level 2 – 208)- Specialized laboratories graduate
  • Postgraduate lab 2 (Computer Engineering building - level 2 – 209), including the laboratories of computer network, operating system, database and Multimedia.
  • Postgraduate lab 3 (Computer Engineering building - level 2 – 210), including the laboratories of software engineering, design of object-oriented systems, expert systemand computer simulation.
  • Undergraduate lab 1 ( Computer Engineering building - level 2 - General computer Site)
  • Undergraduate lab 2 ( Computer Engineering building - level 3 - 309) including the Laboratories of algorithm design, databases, computer graphics and computer lab
  • Undergraduate lab 3 ( Computer Engineering building - level 3 - 310) including the Laboratories of artificial intelligence, computer graphics, machine language and assembly
  • Undergraduate lab 3 ( Computer Engineering building - level 3 - Computer Site) – final thesis

1.9.2. Resource Center

The Resource Center is the library of collection of student thesis, department collection, books, teaching modules, proceeding papers and journals. Final year students from this department are allowed to borrow a book or thesis for their references.

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