3.1.1. Undergraduate

Software, hardware and IT engineering are foundations of the faculty of Computer Engineering for undergraduate. In teaching and learning, the faculty offer basic and industry-tailored courses to better prepare our undergraduates for the real world. Hence, graduated students in this level are armed with knowledge in designing, managing and maintaining communication and security to fulfill needs of organizations. Each academic year includes two semesters and one summer term. Each semester is sixteen weeks and each summer term is six weeks. The students can take 18-20 credits in each semester and 6 credits in the summer term.

Programs offered:

•         Computer engineering (Software)

•         Computer engineering (Hardware)

•         Information Technology engineering

3.1.2. Graduate

The Master programme is designed to extend the knowledge and skills gained from the first degree and to develop new professional skills of the graduates in the particular area of study.The programme involves lectures, seminars and project work. This is a full-time program based on both intensive course-work and research. The program starts every year in late September or January, and continues for four successive semesters. A minimum 32 credits of study including a combination of compulsory subjects; electives and a Master’s Project are required for the award of the Master degree. Students’ progress and performance in the Master project is assessed through oral presentations and a written report.

Programs offered:

•         Master of Computer engineering (Software)

•         Master of Computer engineering (Computer Architecture)

•         Master of Computer engineering (Artificial Intelligence)


3.1.3. Ph.D.

The Ph.D. students (taught and research, and by research) are supervised by an academic staff (or a panel of supervisors) from the faculty. A specific topic of investigation will be agreed upon by the supervisor (or panel of supervisors) and the candidate. The academic progress of doctorate candidate by research is assessed through a research Progress Report submitted at the end of each semester. The mixed-mode candidates pass some subjects and attenda comprehensive exam at the end of second year. If they accepted in the exam, they can defend their thesis proposal. The degree is awarded based on an oral examination (viva-voce) of the thesis submitted by the candidate on completion of the study.

Programs offered:

•         Computer engineering (Software)

•        Computer engineering (Computer Architecture)


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